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Village in the City

You can find the recording of Cormac Russell in discussion with Village in the City here.

From the Village in the City:

Cormac Russell is a passionate advocate for bottom-up community development, carried out BY citizens for their own communities. He is a long-term expert in Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), and says that finding and building ‘what’s strong’ is vital in dealing with ‘what’s wrong’. Who gets to decide what the priorities are? What is the role of outside professionals and experts? And how can this make communities which are not only stronger but also more democratic and empowered?

We are thrilled that Cormac has agreed to join us for Village In The City’s call this month. He is a genuine international star, and his new book Rekindling Democracy has been making waves around the world. This promises to be an exceptional call, with Cormac’s passion for asset-based action meeting Village In The City’s Mark McKergow’s three decades in Solution-Focused change and host leadership.

Cormac speaks about the importance of bottom-up community building, relationships with institutions and professionals, and answers questions from participants.

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